Before You Get Started

Before you start, make sure:
  • OctoPrint is installed and set up correctly. The easiest way to set up OctoPrint is to get a Raspberry Pi and follow this guide.
  • A webcam is set up for your printer and connected to OctoPrint. Joe Mike Terranella has an excellent video for it.
  • There is sufficient lighting to illuminate the printing area of your printer. If your printer is in a lighted room, you are probably fine. If you'll print with light off, you will need to make sure the printing area is illuminated when your printer is printing. A LED strip or small LED lamp will do the trick.

How would you like to install The Spaghetti Detective?

This guide will walk you through setting up The Spaghetti Detective Plugin on OctoPrint.

You can complete the installation using either our web app or our mobile app. Our mobile app is available for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.
In a hurry? Get started with our quick setup video (for the web app)