The Pro plan vs the Free plan

The Spaghetti Detective offers two plan options to our users: the Pro plan and the Free plan.

The major differences between the Pro plan and the Free plan are:

Webcam streaming
  • With the Pro plan you can enjoy the 25 FPS (25 frames per second) Premium Webcam Streaming. This premium webcam streaming is always on, so you can watch your printer remotely even if it's not printing.
  • With the Free plan you will have the Basic Streaming, which is only 0.1 FPS (1 frame per 10 seconds). And it only streams while you are printing.

Detective Hours
  • Free Detective Hours (what are they?)
    • The Pro plan includes 50 free Detective Hours per month.
    • The Free plan includes 10 free Detective Hours per month.

OctoPrint Tunneling (what is it?)
  • The Pro plan comes with unlimited OctoPrint Tunneling.
  • The Free plan comes with 50MB/month OctoPrint Tunneling.

Multiple printers
  • With the Pro plan you can have more than 1 printers. Each additional printer costs 50% of that of the 1st printer.
  • With the Free plan you have only 1 printer.

Other perks included in the Pro plan

These cool features that are available only to Pro plan subscribers are:

  • Concierge technical support. 8 business hours turn around time guaranteed.
  • G-Code remote upload and printing.
  • Receiving alerts via text (SMS).
  • Secure printer feed sharing.
  • Slack integration.

Learn more about the Pro plan: