Premium Streaming vs Basic Streaming

The Spaghetti Detective streams the webcam in two different ways: Premium Streaming and Basic Streaming.

There are a few critical differences between the Premium Streaming and the Basic Streaming:

  • The Premium Streaming is 25 FPS (25 frames per second). The Basic Streaming is 0.1 FPS (1 frame per 10 seconds). Check out the video above to see how they stack against each other!
  • The Premium Streaming is always on. The Basic Streaming is on only when the printer is printing.
  • The Premium Streaming is based on H.264 video encoding, which is highly efficient in network bandwidth. The Basic Streaming is based on JPEG encoding, which uses 5x more network bandwidth and mobile data, which may be important when you are on the cellular network.
  • The Premium Streaming is available only to the Pro subscribers, including the users who are still in free trial period (the 1st month after sign-up). The Basic Streaming is available to both the the Pro subscribers and the Free users.

The Premium Streaming uses a great amount of resources on The Spaghetti Detective server, such as the cloud storage and the network bandwidth. This is why we can make it available only to the Pro subscribers.